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Residence hall lounge reservation is often required for student group activities to hold events.

Such reservations are handled entirely by the office of Undergraduate Housing. ABC plays no part in lounge reservations, although only ABC-recognized student groups may register.


  1. Check the Housing Event Calendar for an available time slot in the building you want.
  2. Fill out a Hall Lounge Request Form online. Link can also be found on the Lerner Hall site (left sidebar) and probably through some convoluted series of links starting at the Housing Web Site.
Note: Conveniently, housing gives you no confirmation that you actually completed a request. There is no e-mail sent to you or confirmation number. If they lose a record of your reservation, there's nothing you can do...
  1. Wait for an approval/denial e-mail from the Housing office. They usually take 24-72 hours to process. If a request has not been processed within this time, you must resolve the issue in person (see below)
Note: The denial e-mail does not specify why requests are denied, just that they're

Resolving Request Issues

If your request is denied or held up and you want to push it through, you must go in person to 125 Wallach Hall to speak with Jem Conway, who is in charge of processing lounge requests. Jem is good natured and friendly if you're friendly and patient with her and will typically have your issue resolved in a matter of minutes. She is notoriously bad at answering e-mails. The few times that she actually responds to e-mails sent to her, she invariably misunderstands what one is requesting of her. The best thing to do is to go see her in person.