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Ricky's was some kind of pointless and garish accessory store at the base of Broadway Residence Hall. Around Halloween, it morphed into a costume shop. Sometime in Spring 2015, it closed. The exact date is unknown because campus media is dead.

It replaced the far worthier Kim's Mediapolis (commonly shortened to "Kim's"), a store that rented movies and sold movies and music. Some viewed the store and its employees as pretentious snobs, but they were generally pretty good about helping you find what you wanted. Many of their movie sections were organized by director rather than by genre or title. Kim's closed in September 2008. For awhile one could still visit its downtown locations, but they've since closed, too, and the entire video collection is moving to an obscure Italian hill town. Seriously.


<googlemap lat="40.805461" lon="-73.964081" type="map" zoom="15"> 40.806071, -73.965187, Kim's Mediapolis </googlemap>