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Sakai is an open source platform that Columbia intends to use in its replacement for Courseworks. During Fall of 2008, CUIT began piloting Sakai.

Josh Hirschland somehow managed to mention it in 7 different columns he wrote for the Spectator, some not even on the topic of Sakai.

CUIT plans on using the Sakai platform to integrate the course directory, SSOL, couseworks, and the course bulletin into one site. They expect this to take at least 5 years as of January 2007. The fact that by the time they implement an already old technology in 5 years will mean that Columbia will be close to a decade late in implementing technology around since 2002 has apparently been lost on everyone.

The implementation of Sakai as a replacement for CourseWorks was put in hold in 2009 as part of cost-saving measures following the financial crisis of 2008.[1]

The Agora project was basically killed when it was decided to wait and see what Sakai will offer, whenever it's implemented.

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