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A photo of Sean from the Housing website. He is fifth from the left

Sean Augustine-Obi (CC'16) was the editor-in-chief of The Lion from 2014-2015 and a contributor to various campus publications, including The Blue and White, the Spectator, and Spectrum's housing vertical The Shaft. He likes the Let it Ride at Hamdel and spends most of his time writing Columbia's history on WikiCU, despite never having been a victor.


Sean was involved in a number of pranks, hijinks, and shenanigans at Columbia. In his freshman year, he ran on a joke write-in ticket for CCSC alongside other Lion staffers to protest the uncontested executive board race. Their platform included getting a keg on Low Steps and abolishing the swim test. They received 7% of the vote.

After Sean became editor-in-chief of the Lion, the publication broke the news that Zeta Beta Tau and Sigma Alpha Epsilon had lost their charters. The Lion also interviewed The Chainsmokers when they were relevant, leaked the names of the 2014 Nacoms, investigated the source of the spring 2014 "rapist lists," and interviewed the late former trustee Bill Campbell. During Sean's tenure The Lion served as a platform for campus media personalities Daniel Stone, Jake Davidson, and Conor Skelding, and the editorial board would go on to successfully petition for a Sandwich Ambassador to be added to CCSC. He would later go on to become business partners with Daniel selling "Make Columbia Great Again" hats in the style of Trump. Sean was also briefly accused of being a male escort due to a widely-read anonymous op-ed published under his byline.

Sean later became online editor for The Blue and White and an opinion columnist for Spectator, as well as a frequent shitposter on Bored@Butler. For some strange reason, he chose to study economics.

He now resides in the north Bronx, where he will remain until the invisible hand of gentrification rebrands it "NoBro". He will still offer you Room Selection advice if you reach out.

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