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Senior Night is a well-established senior tradition, and perhaps one of the most successful, in which students twerk on the grave of Kerouac's Columbia. It's basically an excuse for seniors to start their drinking on Wednesday nights, instead of waiting until the customary Thursday like everyone else. Seniors gather at Bernheim and Schwartz for drinks, and there are usually drink specials or door prizes of some sort.

Officially, it is not a Columbia-organized event; it claims to be organized by the Senior Underground. Theories abound as to the identity of the Senior Underground, but remain as-of-yet unresolved... it's probably CCSC and ESC.

During the 2013 fall season, due to lack of attendance, Havana Central did not want Senior Night on their premises anymore. Thus, a majority of the fall 2013 Senior Nights occurred at Village Pourhouse, causing even fewer seniors to attend. Happily, at the start of the spring 2014, Senior Nights were returned to Havana, which then became Bernheim and Schwartz. As of spring 2016, high-attendance Senior Nights are held at B&S, while lower-attendance ones are held at Mel's Burger Bar.