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The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is one of the constituent departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is housed on the 7th floor of Hamilton Hall. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian languages, literatures, and cultures.



A relatively small department, Slavic Languages & Lit works hand-in-hand with the matching department at Barnard College, meaning professors on both sides of the street teach courses at both Columbia and Barnard. This has effectively doubled the number of faculty members available in this field to undergraduates.

Harriman Institute

The department also works closely with the Harriman Institute located in IAB. The Institute is a center for Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies that brings together faculty and students from across the divisions of the University. It has its own endowment, budget, and administrative staff, but its faculty are drawn from the various schools and departments of the Arts and Sciences construct. All members of the Columbia and Barnard Slavic faculty are also Harriman Institute faculty.

Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS) is an interdisciplinary group with faculty and students from different departments. Undergraduate students at Columbia and Barnard may major in Comparative Literature using a Slavic language and literature to fulfill the course requirements in "a language other than English."


Since the revival of the Linguistics Program at Columbia, Slavic Languages has been its home on campus. Undergraduate students from Columbia College and GS who wish to concentrate in Linguistics will work with faculty from the department to plan out courses and possibly complete a thesis.