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The Student Union Polity or just Polity was a student government organization umbrella organization relating to student activities. Just in case the name didn't sound weird enough, Polity also had a "Programming Ganglion." It was formed as a result of a shake-up in student activities governance which ended in the dissolution of the Fourth Floor Cabinet, and the CCCSO, and a reduction in the powers of the Board of Managers.

In October 1992, CCSC treasurer Imara Jones proposed eliminating Polity as being redundant with the Joint Budgetary and Calendaring Committee established by CCSC and ESC. Polity had been formed before two important changes in the structure of student life at Columbia occurred in 1979: the re-establishment of a student government at Columbia College after a 17 year hiatus (the Columbia College Student Council)[1], and the institution of a student life fee whose proceeds would be doled out by the newly established CCSC. This ultimately necessitated a re-jiggering of responsibilities and authorities. Ultimately Polity and the JBCC were merged into the Union of Student Organizations in Spring 1993.

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  1. The Columbia College Student Council was founded in 1979, finally succeeding the Board of Student Representatives which students voted to abolish in 1961, and failed to agree on a replacement at the time.