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I graduated in 1987, while Schapiro was under construction. At the time Columbia guaranteed four years of housing to all freshmen who requested it on time. The only undergrads who were not guaranteed housing throughout their time at CU were those who did not request it initially, those who left housing but later changed their minds, and transfers. The article suggests that even some undergrads who were admitted as freshmen and had properly requested housing didn't get it, but that's not true. Schapiro became necessary because fewer students (especially in SEAS) wanted to commute from home and because the College and SEAS were expanding, not because the amount of housing had already been inadequate before these changes began. Columbia didn't need all 417 new beds right away in 1988, so it converted Fairholm and 47 Claremont to grad student housing. Schapiro thus initially added only about 100 net beds to the undergrad pool. As the demand for undergrad housing continued to grow, CU converted the remaining floors of Johnson (now Wien) from grad student housing to undergrads, re-re-assigned 47 Claremont, and then began turning other former grad-student residences into undergrad dorms.

Thanks for the info. Do you have any sources, or are you basing this on memory alone? Either way, it's helpful. We'll incorporate your insights into the relevant article(s); in fact, it would help if you might change any other errors you find yourself. Thanks again and welcome to WikiCU - please feel free to make any other contributions. Pacman 22:01, 4 January 2009 (EST)