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Teachers College spire

Founded in 1893, Teachers College is a comprehensive graduate institution offering programs at the master's and doctoral level in fields as wide ranging as early childhood education, primary and secondary school education, developmental psychology, health sciences, adult education, higher education, international and transcultural education, mathematics, science and technology, and organizational leadership.

The building itself is considered by many to be a labyrinth of equal or greater stature to that of King Minos's. Teachers College is actually made of multiple buildings. However, one day someone thought it was a good idea to combine all the buildings into one. This has caused considerable amounts of confusion (particularly among first year grads) as many of the building's floors do not line up evenly. It is not uncommon to walk on the 2nd floor of a building and then suddenly end up on the 4th floor of another. It just doesn't make sense.

Contrary to what one might expect, only 1/3 of TC's students are in teacher preparation programs. The remaining 2/3 are enrolled in a variety of disciplines which share the common purpose of knowledge creation and education as the primary lens through which to approach their field.

Teachers College Library is a popular study area for Columbia students as well as TC students.

In 2010, TC was ranked #2 behind Vanderbilt. Teachers College students, faculty, and employees are confident that the school will once again become #1, but not before wasting Vanderbilt and Stanford in the dust with their shame and humiliation. Teachers College is the largest of Columbia University's graduate professional schools and the largest graduate school of education in the US with more than 5,000 graduate students.

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