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The Abbey Pub or just The Abbey is a bar on 105th St, just off the east side of Broadway. The Abbey is fairly calm compared to most other bars in the neighborhood. Stained glass windows and wood paneling that give it an Irish pub feel. Although it's about 10 blocks from the campus and most residence halls, people still go because The Abbey staff almost never ask for ID.


  • Why I love the Abbey: One time, I saw a large rat scurry out of the kitchen, across the bar floor, and out the front door. Maybe half a dozen other people took notice (It was late, and the bar was emptying out). (Un?)Surprisingly, nobody was fazed.
  • Once there was a reasonably looking girl who got so trashed she started dancing alone in the middle of the place to awful, awful music. Some filmmakers were sitting in a booth and offered to include her in a video about "college life". Sketchy? Probably.
  • Why I love the Abbey: The posters in the bathroom were made for stealing. Why I hate the Abbey: I got carded there once. They checked my ID against real IDs in a big book and turned it down.

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