The Legends of Furnald 6

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FURNALD 6 2009: Fur 6 has the fix, just let it go!


Established August 30, 2009, the Furnald 6 family consists of 28.5 Columbia students of various backgrounds. They consist of the mother, father, uncle, and the rebel children. The moment they met each other during NSOP week they knew it was meant to be. Friendships arose from the most unlikely circumstances. It is said that Furnald is the anti-social group, but Furnald 6, 2009 changed this stereotype and became infamous for its "social events" and social floormates.

From late night study breaks to dorm raids, Furnald 6 has explored the countless aspects of campus life and obscure areas on campus. The terms "penis-chopper" and "Carmania" were developed by the members of Furnald 6. The infamous quote wall is covered in the stories of Furnald 6 after dark. It is a mystery how the floormates are so close.


1. Furnald Phantom: If you sit in the family room long enough you will start to hear music (trampoline noises above) and the next day you will notice how the condom box is awkwardly empty. 2. Anti-social Furnald: Let's just say I don't believe it's water. 3. Furnaldo: Mysterious green Melanoplus confusus located in the north elevator. 4. Jiger: Cheap with cash on 110th street. 5. Shlomo: 6 foot evergreen plant that mysteriously appeared in the naughty room. 6. Kyle R. 7. Field Trips: Chinatown, SOHO for socks, 53rd and 6th, and sketchy Pier 94 for underground DJ, Strawberry Fields 8. Late-night study breaks: Strawberry Daiquiri, pizza rolls, JJs, bagel bites, non-alcholic beverages like beer. 9. Quote wall in the family room 10. The heaven on earth in room 607 (including the daytime human pillow) 11. The nocturnal kitten in the naughty room