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New Yorker mascot Eustace Tilley: conceived by a Columbian...and based on a Columbian as well?

The New Yorker is a pretentious magazine that a lot of Columbia students read and/or aspire to one day appear in. Most will not. Conversations may often begin with "Did you see (x)'s piece in The New Yorker?" Generally, though, people tend not to reference the main articles, but a gossipy section called "Talk of the Town".

Columbia connections

  • The iconic Eustace Tilley, the top-hatted gentleman who serves as the mascot of the magazine, was first drawn by Corey Ford CC '23. The first name of the character is said to have been taken from that of Eustace L. Taylor, his fraternity brother at Delta Kappa Epsilon (which has been inactive at Columbia since 1935).