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Columbia College Diploma Translation as presented in the uncredited "Translation of the A.B., BACHELOR OF ARTS diploma", a photocopy of which is included with every Columbia College diploma:

We, The Trustees of Columbia University
In The City Of New York, Formerly King's College,
Present Our Greetings To Each And Every One
To Whom This Document May Come. We Inform You That

[Graduate's Name]

Has Duly And Lawfully Completed All
Requirements Appropriate To The Degree Of

Bachelor Of Arts

And Has Accordingly Been Advanced To That
Degree With All Rights, Priveleges And Honors
Customarily Pertaining Thereto.
In Fuller Testimony Of This Action, We Have Ensured That The Signatures Of The President
Of The University And Of The Dean Of Columbia College
As Well As Our Common Seal Be Affixed To This Diploma.
Done At New York On The [Day & Month]
In [The Year].