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The Undergraduate Writing Program is a program where undergraduates write about stuff. Filled with GS students and hipster undergrads galore.

The major is small, with only nine classes in the department (five workshops and four seminars) and three unrelated ones meant to stimulate your writing. Students have to apply for the major, specializing in either poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. You can apply for more than one, but will generally only be accepted to one track.

Students also have to apply for entrance into workshops above the Beginning level, turning in a certain amount of pages of writing and a form listing previous courses taken and grades received. These are generally due about three weeks before the start of the semester. Courses are posted notoriously late and subject to change. Students are often subject to "late registration" fees, having to wait to hear if they made it into a class before registering for it. Classes in the department are tiny, with caps at 20 for seminars and 15 for workshops. While this is helpful for students in the class, it's not helpful for your chances of getting into one.