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(How to File a Maintenance Request page -- needs completion)

Maintenance requests should be filed whenever there is a facility-related issue in campus housing. Requests are received and handled by Facilities Management.

1. Determine whether or not your maintenance request should be treated as an emergency.

The following requests are considered emergencies:

  • Window that cannot close
  • Doors that cannot be secured or that will not allow access into the room
  • Fires
  • Doors/Locks that are broken by the FDNY in emergency situations
  • Floods/Leaks
  • Lack of a single light source in which a temporary light source cannot be provided
  • Power failure
  • Stolen keys
  • Clogged or overflowed toilet in a suite
  • Lack of a single heat source in which a temporary heat source cannot be provided
  • The smell of gas

In an emergency situation,

2. Filing