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How to apply to be a Crew Chief or an NSOP leader

You can make a difference by being a part of the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) in the fall to make orientation for the incoming freshman class just as good as (or better than!) your orientation week.

You can apply to be a Crew Chief or a NSOP Orientation Leader. Applications are available in the Spring of every school year. Crew Chiefs and Orientation Leaders return one week before the orientation for training and housing is provided.

You can find out more about the roles and respective responsibilities of crew chiefs and NSOP Orientation Leaders by visiting the CU Student Affairs site linked below:

Find out more about the application process through the CU orientation program site:

How to apply to be a COOP leader

Get a chance to share your love for the outdoors with the incoming freshman class by being a COOP Leader. COOP, Columbia University’s Outdoor Orientation Program is an optional pre-orientation program incoming CC and SEAS students can be a part of. COOP is a four day outdoor camping experience designed to help students transition into the college environment. Students can participate in hiking, biking or river canoeing trips!

As a COOP leader, you can act as a mentor to first year students, ensure trip safety and create a comfortable and engaging environment for the first year students.

Learn more about the application process and the program history by visiting the COOP site:

How to apply to be a CUE leader

CUE is the Columbia Urban Experience, a week-long pre-orientation program. Becoming a CUE leader will allow you to engage with the New York City community, the incoming freshman class and learn about the great service number of service opportunities there are in New York City. CUE participants see NYC’s best attractions which include Bryant Park, Harlem Bowling Lanes, the Nyorican Poets Cafe, Yankee Stadium and many others.

CUE leaders get to live with their students in an upperclassmen residence hall, enabling great conversations and long term boning.

Find out more about how to be a CUE leader and the application information via:

How to apply to be a Consent Educator

Make a difference by being part of the Sexual Violence Response Program at CU and apply to be a Consent Educator.

Sexual Violence Response's mission is to educate students about consent and coercion, and promote community standards for a respectful and safe campus.

As a Consent Educator, you can facilitate workshops during NSOP for incoming freshmen about the importance of consent.

Consent Educators will: Receive valuable facilitation training and experience. Have an opportunity to share critical information about prevention, risk reduction, and resources. Acquire first-hand knowledge of effective sexual assault programming.

Consent Educators should: Be available and participate in all parts of training. Be available for NSOP program/workshop.

To help keep sex sexy at CU, apply online:

Find out more about the Rape Crisis Center and the Sexual Violence Response Program:

How to apply to be a Peer Educator

As a peer educator you can ....

Find out more about being a peer educator:

How to apply to be a Peer Advocate

As a peer advocate, you can ...

Find out more about being a peer advocate by visiting:

How to get involved in the greater NYC community

Join Community Impact where you can teach GED classes, ESL classes ...etc.

As a volunteer, you can ....

(skills gain, connections etc.)

Find out more about community impact:

How to apply to be Residential Advisor

RAs develop a healthy community by focusing on the growth and development of each individual on their hall and promote an environment conducive to the overall wellness needs of residents.

Applicants should be: Current CC or SEAS students; Have guaranteed housing; Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic and behavioral standing.

Follow the link to find out more about the application process/requirements:

How to Join Rhlo (Residential Hall Leadership Organization)

Want to help plan events and study sessions for your dorm? Contact your residential advisor for more information.

"How To" Articles

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