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Erica Jackson is a former General Studies student. She was an English major and was active on GSSC. Apparently she hangs out on campus these days, despite an apparent hatred of Columbia. People have also said that she think she's poor, which they consider to be ironic since she manages to live comfortably in NYC.

Erica seems to have applied to many Columbia graduate programs but after being rejected she eventually was accepted by the CalArts MFA program.

Some have said that she hates men, especially white men.

Excerpts from her writing

"A classmate who was accepted into Columbia'as MFA writing program told me last year, "I knew exactly what they wanted and I gave it to them." I found that chilling. If that's what an MFA program is about, why not just copy the same books over and over and over again and just change the author's name and title? What scares me is that this woman isn't a great writer and she never will be. She is a competant one, yes, but her lack of self-reliance and addiction to people pleasing mean she never will be much more. Oh, she'll make great connections there and she'll be published. But her work will never truly change anyone's life."

"The other day, I signed up for the gym. Which isn't really my style, I hate that someone with all my talent is most often seen as a body and that its size, sex and color are these essentialist factors used to sum me up, to dismiss me."

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