Senior Scramble

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Senior Scramble—like Senior Night—is an annual event organized by the student leaders of the Senior Underground.

It is simple: there is a website. At that website, one input one's UNI and the UNIs of ten other people that one would fuck. Senior Scramble then notifies matches.

The Senior Scramble involves two individuals, generally both having low self esteems. Whether it's because they just met and the pressures to be popular are too strong, or they've dated for years and realize that their personalities are junk and everyone else has been taken by the Scramble... Either way, the scrambles get a free party and a good laugh before college ends/everlasting sadness begins.

Some say that Senior Scramble is "just fun." Others contend that it literally dehumanizes sex and assigns sex-starved students to their unis. In either case, it's your last chance for happiness.