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  • Anyone who feels that an article does not belong on WikiCU may nominate it for deletion as follows:
  1. Insert the {{delete}} tag at the top of the article.
  2. Create a discussion on article's talk page titled "Nomination for deletion".
  3. Place the first vote (ie, delete), giving one or more reasons why the article should be deleted. Remember to sign your vote.

Voting procedure

  • Votes are cast in the following fashion on the talk page:
  • Delete - This article talks about republicans at Columbia and I don't believe they really exist. ~~~~
  • Modify - This article is about me but contains, lies, lies, lies! ~~~~
  • Keep - This article is about me and I think I'm awesome! ~~~~
  • 75% of voting reputable users (admins and users who have made at least a few contributions) are required for an article to be deleted.
  • After 7 days, any admin (except the one, if any, who proposed the deletion) can use the above criteria and decide whether to keep article or delete it.
  • If keep, that means remove the deletion tag, rename the deletion discussion saying it is "archived", and noting the result of the deletion discussion.
  • If delete, remove both the article and the talk page

Speedy deletion

  • If the article clearly falls under one of the "valid reasons for deletion or modification", any admin can delete it unilaterally.

Valid reasons for deletion or modification

  • Spam.
  • Onanism.
  • Mentions information that is of no concern to the general public or the Columbia public, including, but not limited to:
  • Criminal records, including arrest records, unless published in a reputable publication.
  • Social Security numbers.