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Eric Matthew Schoenfeld CC '08 was a mathematics and philosophy major from the rural tundra of Minnesota. Eric participated in mock trial, frequently presenting closing arguments for the defense.

Schoenfeld's friends include Rajiv Sicora and Alonzo. Along with Rajiv, he is a lead member of the defunct band The Sexy Pirates, which has apparently recorded two albums, Goodbye to Those Who Won't Be Back (which may still be available at Kim's Videos) and an as yet unreleased album tentatively titled Sam the Man at the Trianon Ballroom. The band's style has been described as "a funky sorta new kind of Beatles". The band dissolved in 2006 after completing Sam the Man, collaboration with the other members no longer tenable. However, Eric and Rajiv continue to write music and work together, with a third album in distant sight when Rajiv comes back from Lyon, France.

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