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The Greek Judicial Board, casually known as the J-Board, is a committee of members of the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, & Panhellenic Council that reviews rule violations and assigned punishments for them (which is submits to Student Affairs for approval). It falls under the Inter Greek Council.

The J-board chairman is voted into the position by representatives from every Greek organization at Columbia, and the fellow members of the board go through a selection and training process that is approved by Columbia administrative staff.

According to the Student Affairs website, the J-Board exemplifies "self-governance"[1]. This is objectively true, since the board's meetings are closed. And "though a weekly merry-go-round of Greeks judging and being judged by one another might lead the casual observer to suspect corruption, shut up, it's not a big deal—it's 'an important part of our vibrant Greek community'[2]."


After the Brownstone Review Committee decided not to award AEPi a brownstone, J-Board chairman Matthew Renick sent a hot-headed email to, well, everyone involved, announcing his resignation [3].

When the ZBT hazing scandal went down, the J-Board recommended that ZBT lose its charter (and thereby lose Columbia recognition). This recommendation was approved by Terry Martinez but then reversed by Kevin Shollenberger.

When the Pike pledge scavenger hunt was leaked to Bwog, the J-Board reviewed the case in a closed meeting, the decision of which was never released.

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