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Learned Foote (upper left) with his "Class Action" party, 2007

Learned Foote CC '11 was the president of the Columbia College Student Council for 2010-11. He was previously president of the Class of 2011.

He was also an unabashed supporter of bringing ROTC back on campus, despite the fact that he is gay and feels that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is discriminatory. He argued that the university has a responsibility to reengage with a "fundamental American institution," particularly because it receives federal tax money.

The legally inclined may be surprised (or not) to learn that Foote takes his name from one of the best-known US judges of the 20th century: the very similarly-named Learned Hand. No word yet on whether Foote plans on law school, but after receiving a letter from Foote's father with the note "I know my Learned Hand from my Learned Foote" and a copy of Foote's birth certificate attached, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski said there'd be a clerkship waiting for him if he does.[1]

Learned served as social chair and treasurer for Columbia Queer Alliance.

Preceded by
Sue Yang
President of the CCSC 
Succeeded by
Aki Terasaki


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