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The Naked Run is a hilarious annual event in which students take a nude dash down the steps of Low Library, around South Lawn, past Butler Library, and back up The Steps, all while singing the Columbia fight song, "Roar, Lion, Roar". The Naked Run is held every October. The runners are usually surrounded by a smattering of onlookers and photographers. The morning after the event, a select few runners have the fortune or misfortune of finding themselves in the pages of the Spectator.

The event was traditionally organized by the Track & Field Team and meant as a group bonding event for the team. Team members were not required to participate in the actual run and had the option of moving the clothes of runners to an undisclosed location for pickup after the run. However, the team has had no official involvement since the fall of 2001 when administrative pressure came down with threats of indefinite team suspension for anyone who competed. The claim was that it put the university at risk for future lawsuits as the event could have been considered hazing in retrospect...even though it was non-mandatory. Way to kill tradition.

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