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The Society of International Undergraduates is the official student group for international students and internationally-minded students of Columbia University's four undergraduate colleges (BC, CC, GS, SEAS).

They hope to improve the experience of international students at Columbia and to build an international community on campus. They bring together students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and provide a space where they can meet, express their concerns, share and learn from common or different experiences, find common interests and goals, and, of course, have lots of fun. Anyone interested in meeting fellow students from around the world and/or with similar internationally-minded interests is welcome to join this group and add their own diversity to the community!

What They Do

Throughout the year, they organize regular general meetings, study breaks, game nights, an International Trivia Competition (Quizbowl) as well as outings to restaurants and to special events around the city. Every year, they also hold the SIU World Cup, a soccer tournament which involves teams representing different nations or regions. They put a large focus on helping incoming international students ease into the new environment and are always looking to add new voices to the international community.

How To Get Involved with SIU

If you have any ideas for a new event or want to help out with anything or simply want to know more about us, please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you at the earliest!

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