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The Heights Bar & Grill is a bar on Broadway between 110th and 111th St. The entrance is a door at street level; you need to go up a flight of stairs to get to the bar. If you go up another set of steps, you get to the roof garden, which is enclosed during the winter.

The Heights is co-owned by Columbia University Women's swim team coach, Diana Caskey and her husband, Larry Good (they also co-own Carne and Toast). Not surprisingly, swim team members can often be found at the bar. Recently, the Heights has become noticeably more crowded with the demise of the West End and AmCaf. This can be annoying because it was already a loud and cramped bar/restaurant. On the other hand, the crowd is complaining, and it's much the same as before: frat boys (as well as the swim team).

The Heights is a good place for a Margarita. It has a good selection of draught beers, and the food is better than you'd expect, but usually not worth the wait. The best times to go are the happy hours, which are early (5 pm-7 pm) and late (11 pm-1 am).

According to New York Magazine, "the Heights does double duty as a nighttime frat hangout, a fact reflected in its hangover-friendly $5.50 lunch menu. Headache helpers include a monster burrito bursting with steak and rice, corn-tortilla lasagne buried in beans, and guacamole and fried calamari with a creamy barbecue-sauce-and-blue-cheese dip."


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