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Zeta Beta Tau
Abbreviation: ZBT
Org Founded: 1898 at City College
CU Chapter: Delta
Chapter Established: 1993
Motto: "A Powerhouse of Excellence"
House: Formerly 627 W. 115th St
Recognition: None (charter revoked)
Contact: zetabetatau@columbia.edu

Zeta Beta Tau is a fraternity primarily composed of baseball players. Prior to 2013, it had a house at 627 West 115th Street.



Ancient history

Phi Epsilon Pi was merged into Zeta Beta Tau.

Recent Incidents

In fall 2012, a rumor in the Blue and White describes a prank played by the women's team in which they oiled the floors of the ZBT house while the brothers slept, causing them to slip and fall. One of them cracked a rib.

In February of 2013, ZBT's charter was revoked for an undefined hazing incident. Rumor has it that the field hockey team was involved. Athletics and the InterGreek Council orginally kept mum, as did ZBT brothers.

In March of 2013, Dean Kevin Shollenberger reversed the Greek Judicial Board's decision to revoke the charter. The fraternity agreed to follow a plan of action drawn up by the University following Shollenberger's decision.

In August of 2013, Bwog posted that ZBT had lost its house over a "party violation" that nullified KevSho's clemency[1]. Spectator later printed that many of the ZBT members intending to live in the house were instead placed in Plimpton.

In October of 2013, Spectator ran an article containing interviews with two ZBT alumni confirming the rumor that the hazing was committed primarily by the women's field hockey team. According to the alums, the team was completing a ritual where they went to each of the frat houses and had members ask the freshmen girls questions, some about their sexual history. At ZBT, one of the brothers sprayed a girl with water, causing her to cry. The ensuing yelling at the brother caused a neighbor to file a noise complaint. The administration investigated and discovered the hazing taking place, resulting ZBT's loss of chapter recognition by the Greek Judicial Board, upheld by Terry Martinez.

After negotiations with the administration by alumni, Kevin Shollenberger overturned the decision, requiring ZBT to draft an action plan on how to avoid future hazing incidents. Members implicated in the hazing were also expelled from the fraternity. All was well until May, when the baseball team won the Ivy League championship. An impromptu victory party was thrown in the house, organized by some of the expelled brothers. Although no noise complaint was filed, this was against the terms of the fraternity's action plan. After ZBT left for the summer, administrators discovered the empty kegs in a closet and learned of the victory party. As a result, ZBT lost their house, this time for good. Many were reassigned housing in Plimpton.

In November, 2013, The Columbia Lion reported that ZBT had its national charter revoked until 2015[2].

Although ZBT has not occupied it since 2013, their former house at 627 West 115th Street is still widely known as the "ZBT House," the "former ZBT House," and the "house formerly occupied by ZBT." However, after a rumored legal dispute with the ZBT national headquarters, the house can no longer be legally called any of the above names. It was renamed Owl House.


  • "Gaybe" CC '03 (President 2002-2003)
  • Boomer Murray CC '04 (President 2003-2004)
  • Noah Cooper CC '08 (President 2006-2007)
  • Kyle Roberts CC '09 (President 2007-2008)

Notable Alumni


  • ZBT Christmas Party- Thrown every Fall semester after the first Friday of finals week.
  • ZBTahiti- Thrown every Spring semester after the first Friday of finals week.

External links


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  2. http://columbialion.com/blog/breaking-zbt-suspends-operations-at-columbia-until-fall-2015/
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