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* [[Hewitt Dining Hall]]
* [[Hewitt Dining Hall]]
* [[Java City]]
* [[Java City]]
* [[McIntosh Student Center]]
== Housing ==
== Housing ==

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Barnard College
Barnard Seal.gif
Established 1889
President {{{President}}}
Dean President Judith Shapiro
Degrees BA
Enrollment 2,389 students
Barnard College is a women's college across Broadway from Columbia's Morningside Heights campus. It is one of the Seven Sisters Colleges. It was founded in 1889 and is affiliated with Columbia University via an intercorporate agreement negotiated between the two institutions. Barnard students can take classes with Columbia students and officially their degrees are granted by the trustees of Columbia University. Its campus is located between West 116th and 120th streets.

Barnard has a complicated relationship with Columbia.



On October 23, 1890, the Spec welcomed Barnard with this editorial:

"With this issue Barnard College makes her bow--we beg the young ladies' pardon, her courtesy [curtsy]--to our readers. It is, for the present at least, our intention to make the news of our sister school a regular--and of course a pretty--department of our paper.

In if the course of time, however, we find that our sister students, prepossessing and spirituelle though they be, are not interesting and alert, we shall indeed feel obliged to sacrifice their publicity to more pressing news!

We shall, therefore, anxiously await from our correspondent the account of something 'real naughty and shocking' to keep alive interest. We should not like to suggest a love affair with a tutor; but if such an event came to pass spontaneously in the course of time, nothing could be further from our profession of impartiality than to restrain the news of it."

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