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The Affirmative Action Bake Sale was an event organized by the Columbia College Conservative Club on February 5th, 2004, mirroring earlier affirmative action bake sales by Republican organizations at other campuses. (The first affirmative action bake sale occurred on the UCLA campus on February 3rd, 2003, according to Wikipedia, and has since been repeated at many campuses.[1])

It was a 'cute' stunt,[2] characteristic of chronic right-wing provocation on campus, which initiated a wave of moral panic in everyone else. The club set up a stall selling baked goods at different prices to men and women of different races. The highest prices were charged for Asian men(?) and the lowest to black women (?). This was intended to highlight different treatment of different students by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions under the university's affirmative action policy.

The event resulted in a confrontation between students during which a student unaffiliated with C4 reportedly shouted "You don't deserve to be here!"[3]

The incident was one of a number of which were cited as the cause for the Columbia University Concerned Students of Color Protest of Spring 2004.

Bake sale price list

Bake Sale Price List[4]
Identity Group Price
Jewish men $1.25
Asian men $1.25
White men $1.00
Black men $0.75
Hispanic men $0.75
White women $0.50
Black women $0.25
Hispanic women $0.25
Republican men $0.10
Republican women $0.05


  2. Left-wing stunts on campus are generally less cute and more on the scary side.
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