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The 'Alfred Musical Improv Troupe™ focuses on both long and short form improv comedy. The name Alfred is taken from the way the group themes each performance according to a different Alfred from history. For example, previous performances have been opened by both Alfred Pennyworth, butler to Bruce Wayne, and Alfred Hitchcock, the filmmaker. The troupe's musicians switch off with each other, ensuring that everyone sings and improvs during performances.


In addition to the normal improv performances is "Alfred's RUCKUS" (or, simply, "RUCKUS") which performs guerilla improv in public spaces, often of a musical nature; while no one would want to ruin the surprise, it may be suggested from the group's history that one might be able to find them by taking a little too long in a Butler bathroom during finals week. Performance and collaboration with RUCKUS is open to the public - provided that the public be game for the idea, willing to commit, and is not named Steve; the new academic year of 2010-2011 will see a new push by RUCKUS, with leadership by Dexter Thompson-Pomeroy and weekly meetings distinct from Alfred.


Klaritin Improv Ensemble, founded in 2004 by Edward Rueda CC '05 and Ian Bateson CC '06 under the aegis of the Philolexian Society, changed its name to Sweeps in 2007. After Sweeps disbanded in 2008, members Maggie Lane (President) and Kate Smith brought in a new director, Thomas Anawalt, and together they founded the Alfred Musical Improv Troupe.

Alfred first performed in Fall 2008 with original members Thomas Anawalt, Katie Hathaway, Maggie Lane, Kate Smith, and Ben Weiner. The troupe is inspired in large part by the short-lived and much loved musical improv group at Columbia called Tea Party (2005-2006). Three members of Alfred (Thomas Anawalt, Kate Smith, and Will Snider) performed in the revival of Tea Party in Fall 2006. Without the (blind?) trust of Tea Party members Mark Junek CC '07 and Nessa Norich BC '08, Alfred would not exist.


Alfred members past and present include: Thomas Anawalt CC '09, Will Cybriwsky SEAS '12, Claire Halberstadt BC '09, Katie Hathaway BC '10, Maggie Lane CC '09, Kate Smith CC '09, Will Snider CC '09, Ben Weiner CC '11, Kendale Winbush CC '11, Dexter Thompson-Pomeroy CC '12, John Goodwin CC '12, Annie Greenberg BC '11