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Amara Banks '19BC succeeded editor-in-chief Rachel Deal as Bwog editor-in-chief in December 2016. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Amara commonly refers to herself as a 'bagel' and asks to be addressed as such in her role as an emeritus editor. [1] While EIC, she introduced the role of social media editor, whose job is to unify Bwog's voice on Twitter. The social media editor also runs Bwog's Instagram, which editor Sarah Kinney fondly nicknamed it "Columbia's Finsta". Outside of Bwog, Amara enjoys petting dogs in Riverside park, burning --flameless-- candles in her 620 single, and throwing private discos during her lush afternoon Wbar timeslot. she keeps a single cocktail umbrella under her pillow to increase her chances of having a dream about the beach, or about a piña colada.

Amara presence on campus was sorely missed when she was studying abroad in Seville, Spain for the Spring 2018 semester.

As of Spring 2019, Amara is an honorary resident of EC 1206.

Preceded by
Rachel Deal
Bwog Editor 
Succeeded by
Betsy Ladyzhets