Association for Computing Machinery

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Association for Computing Machinery
Founded: ?
Recognition: ABC
Membership: ?
Executive Board: Varun Mehta, President
Eric Schmidt, VP Academic Affairs
Mack Lu, VP Corporate Affairs
Mark Tabry, VP Social Affairs
Shaun Salzberg, VP Communications
Katie Simon, Treasurer
Eric Garrido, Secretary
Category: Pre-professional
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The Association for Computing Machinery is the Columbia chapter of a national organization for people interested in computing and technology in general.


Throughout the year, the ACM organizes such events as

  • programming contests
  • LAN & console parties
  • tech speakers
  • research fairs
  • job recruiting events

At any of these events, you're basically guaranteed to get a lot of free soda and pizza

Career advancement

If you're looking for a tech internship or position after graduation, a position on the exec board might impress some employers. Being the VP of Corporate Affairs certainly gives you some good contacts.


The ACM never holds general body meetings, so you're "in" the ACM if you go to their events sometimes and sign up for their mailing list. All members, however, are welcome to sit in on their weekly exec meetings.

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