CCSC Elections, 2011

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The CCSC elections of 2011 were held on April 11th through 13th. Columbia College students were allowed to vote for one CCSC executive board party and two University Senator candidates, as well as one or more candidates for several other positions.


CCSC executive board

Three parties competed to form the next executive board: Better Columbia, UniteCU, and CU Charge. As in the previous year, an instant-runoff system was used to determine the winner. Though Barry Weinberg's Better Columbia party won 28 more votes in the first round, CU Charge was ultimately declared the victor with 34.6% of the vote in the first round and 51.5% of the vote in the second round.

University Senate

Six candidates ran for the University Senate: Alex Frouman, Eduardo Santana, Dylan Lonergan, Matthew Chou, Chris Canales, and Steven Castellano. Frouman and Santana were victorious.

At-Large Positions

The Student Services Representative positions were both unchallenged, leading sole candidates Karishma Habbu and Christina Fan to victory.

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