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CTV stands for Columbia Television. It is an entirely student-run television station which airs 24/7 on Channel 37 (closed-circuit). The station has doubled its membership in the last year and continues to grow. The station was founded in 1974.

CTV gained national attention when CTV News reporters captured footage of the Minuteman stage-rush which was then picked up and run by major reputable media outlets.


Under the umbrella of the station there exists several departments:

Original programming

Shows like Sexiled,The Careless Cook, Life Bytes, CTV Presents, SOFA and the Paranoid Bull.

Creative programming

Creating short films, commercials, and award-winning/nationally-recognized soap opera The Gates. CTV is currently developing a late-night show, comedy programming, and looking to exapnd into the sport field.

Campus programming

Presence at on-campus events, and up to date information about trends and the student-body at Columbia.

CTV News

Providing students with broadcast journalism and news experience. It is also an award-winning program that has been the flagship program of the CTV organization.


Training students in the use of media equipment, such as camera-work, editing, and lighting/set design.


CTV offers students the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, graduate student projects, as well as creating projects of its own. CTV is much like the pre-professional groups on campus.

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