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CCE's entrance across from Wien Hall

The Center for Career Education helps undergraduate and graduate students get jobs. Great for people interested in careers in investment banking and finance, but not for much else. It's located in the lower level of East Campus, and also houses Columbia Student Enterprises.

Some CCE-related problems that could be fixed are as follows:

  • Lionshare and the Alumni Career Connections[1] site are independent databases
  • Alumni Career Connections takes week for current students to get access to it

Client schools

CCE serves the following schools: (with populations according to opir)

Graduate Student Surveys

CCE publishes an annual report with employment data compiled from graduating seniors. The survey data contains the most popular industries, job functions, and top employers.

On-Campus Recruiting

Dear [name]:

Unfortunately, you have not been selected for an interview with the following organization. However, keep in mind that on-campus interviewing is a competitive process, so do not become discouraged! It is also only one job search resource that is available to you. Please be aware of additional resources below.

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Other schools have their own offices:

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