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Location Fourth Floor Lerner Hall
Phone 212-854-6378
Hours M-F 9-5 (M-Th 3-4, Walk-in Advising Hours)
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The Center for Student Advising provides academic advice for Columbia College and SEAS undergraduates.

The center is headed by Dean Andrew Plaa.


Students are assigned a CSA adviser, who works with them throughout their time at Columbia. Students can schedule academic advising appointments online, by phone or at the CSA reception.

CSA services include:


It is the result of the merger of FYSAAC and JSAC in 2007. As a result of the merger, students now have the same academic adviser for all four years of college.

Furthermore, as part of Columbia's never-ending quest for the ideal platonic "form of the bureaucracy", the Office of Pre-Professional Advising, Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program and Academic Success Programs have been rolled into the "CSA" umbrella along with "general advising".

Location and hours

The CSA has been located on the renovated 4th floor of Lerner Hall since 2010. Their office is at 403 Lerner Hall and is open as follows:

  • Office hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm; Fri 9am-5pm
  • Walk-in hours: Mon-Thurs 2:30pm-4pm

Contact details

An appointment can be set up by visiting in person, by phone or online.

  • Call: (212) 854-6378
  • Fax: (212) 854-2562
  • E-mail:

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