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CU International Relations Forum
Founded: ?
Recognition: SGB
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Executive Board: President
Nirvikar Jassal
Category: Political
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Columbia University International Relations Forum (CUIRF) is Columbia University's non-partisan International Affairs and Conflict Resolution Society.

In addition to hosting a variety of interactive events, the Columbia University International Relations Forum takes great pride in inviting scholars, journalists, diplomats, and government officials to Columbia University to engage in Q&A sessions directly with students, and to present their respective viewpoints in an academic environment. Through such a forum, we strive to give the Columbia University student base an opportunity to hear first hand the views of prominent political leaders and to come to their own conclusions about matter that will be of increasing importance in the future.

Over the past two years, the Speaker Series has had the opportunity to host the Ambassadors of Iraq Hamid Al-Bayati, Ambassador or Iran Javed Zareef, Ambassador of Pakistan Munir Akram, Ambassador of Egypt Maged Abdelaziz, and the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee.

On November 5th, 2008, CUIRF hosted J. Cofer Black, VP in charge of Blackwater USA, and former Director of Counter-Terrorism during 9/11. The event took place in Lerner Cinema, Columbia University.

Executive Board: Nirvikar Jassal and Casey Dwyer: Co-Presidents Ayla Bonfiglio: Director of Communication Hyun Young Kim: Director of Marketing Mariel Davis: Director of Programming Mia Mattioli: Marketing Deputy Bradley Skaf: Treasurer Noga Malkin: Advisor

Please find us on Campus Playbook (this also updates you on upcoming events): .

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