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The Student Governing Board (SGB) is the oldest of Columbia's governing boards and oversees political, religious, activist, humanitarian, and identity-conscious undergraduate student groups at Columbia. The board members are elected by representatives of each group at a general body meeting in the spring semester. SGB was created in the wake of the 1968 protests as a place for dialogue amongst students about the administration. With the revival of CCSC and ESC in the 1980s, SGB then took over as an overseer of the religious, political, and other "values-explorative" activities on campus, as chartered by the Board of Trustees. It represented groups from every student body in the University, although it has since been forced to limit its members to students from the four undergraduate schools.

SGB reported to the Office of the University Chaplain in Earl Hall prior to 2007, when they were forced to move under the umbrella of CC/SEAS Division of Student Affairs (which already oversees ABC and Inter-Greek Council).[1][2] Because the SGB refused to be put under the creepy and unhelpful Robert Taylor and Student Development and Activities], the Office of Civic Action and Engagement (originally Office of Student Group Advising) was formed to oversee them. They were subsequently forced to divest of their student groups with large graduate student memberships, creating the Interschool Governing Board.

2013-14 Board


  • Fatimatou Diallo, CC '15
  • Mariam Elnozahy, BC '16
  • Tess Glassman-Kaufman, BC '15
  • Ankita Gore, SEAS '15
  • Shaynah Jones, CC '14
  • Sameer Mishra, CC '16
  • Adam Wilson, CC '14

2009-10 Board


2007-08 Board


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