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Columbia University Swing Dancing Club, better known as CU Swing, offers weekly, 1 hour swing dancing classes in Lerner Hall taught by professional swing instructors. It also coordinates club members for on- and off-campus swing events.


The class is offered at two levels: beginner and intermediate. Advanced level is not being offered at this time. Anyone is free to show up for any class, but beginner is tailored towards students who have no prior swing experience. Generally speaking, the Intermediate level requires knowledge of the eight-count step, Lindy Hop.

Guy:Girl ratio

Most of the classes tend to have a slight excess of girls, with a guy girl ratio of about 4:5. To deal with this, partners are rotated, so that everyone has a chance to practice. In addition, some girls will spend the class learning to dance as "leads".

Performance Troupe

The club's performance troupe, made up of the most experienced dancers, participates in contests at other colleges, most notably NYU, as well as at various campus events such as Days on Campus and Relay for Life.

Semi-formal Dances

Toward the end of each semester, the club hosts a semi-formal dance party, usually in the Diana Center Event Oval. The event attracts attendees from both the Columbia community and the wider New York swing scene, often featuring performances by a local New York swing band, the club's performance troupe, and dancers from the New York community.

Club dues

As of Spring 2013, semesterly dues were $30 for undergraduates and $40 for graduates.

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