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The 2013 Columbia Wikithon was an event organized for April 24, 2013 to recruit new editors and update WikiCU. While members of WikiCU's original cadre of editors had continued to edit articles on school history long after their graduation, articles dedicated to day-to-day student life had fallen out of date.

The event was organized by CCSC member Jared Odessky and Blue and White E-i-C Conor Skelding.

During the Wikithon, 81 new articles were added to WikiCU, and over 750 edits were made.[1]


Participants are eligible to add the following sweet badge to their userpages:

Roaree2.jpg 2013 Wikithon Survivor
I survived the WikiCU 2013 Wikithon,
and all I got was this sweet Roar-ee badge!


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