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Crocker Research Laboratory

The Crocker Research Laboratory was home of the Crocker Institute of Cancer Research. It was a plain three-story building that cost only $40,000 to build in 1913. It was located on the northeast corner of 116th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, where Jerome Greene Hall stands today.

George Crocker's gift for the Institute forbid use of the funds for anything other than research, which led to a scramble to find research space for the Institute, which set up shop temporarily in Schermerhorn Hall. The building was designed to be as big as possible with as much light and floor space as possible on a tight budget. In fact, funding was so tight that at first there were no partitioning of space in the building, just three open floors. Its design stood in stark contrast with Charles McKim's Beaux-Arts campus across Amsterdam and earned the it the nickname "The Workshop of Unrivaled Plainness." Insensitive undergraduates called it "The Canker Fund."

In its later years, the building was renamed "East Hall", a name previously used for Buell Hall.[1]

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