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Dylan J. Cooper
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Name: Dylan J. Cooper
Birth Date: August 14, 1995
School: Columbia College
Graduation Year: 2018
Awards and Recognition: Milch Prize Recipient, King's Crown Community Building Award, Psi Chi Honor Society
Occupation: Pre-med, heir to Cooper Hotels fortune
Family: Parents: Pace CC '85, Aileen BC '85. Siblings: Jeremy CC '17, Ethan CC '18, Elan CC '22, Ellin BC '19. Cousins: Daniella BC '17, Sade, BC '17, Jonathan CC '15, Jon SEAS '18, Yonatan CC '20.

Dylan Cooper served as a member of URC, and was elected to the Hillel executive board for the 2016-2017 term.

He was the distinguished recipient of the 2017 Milch Prize, which is awarded to the member of the junior class best able to suck up to the administration. He also was granted the King's Crown Community Building Award, presented to students who have "offered outstanding leadership to their communities with exemplary commitment and energy."

Cooper founded the Steady Mobbers co-rec intramural basketball team and captained the team to 3 consecutive championships,[1] though allegations of PED use and infidelity have dogged team members throughout their improbable run.

As of September 2019, Cooper is purported to be romantically involved with Anna Cappell, Penn '19, paternal descendant of a prestigious Polish Rabbinic dynasty.