Frederick A. Goetze

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Frederick A. Goetze was a Dean of SEAS and Treasurer of Columbia. His appointment in 1906 was considered innovative since it signaled a severance of the role of Dean and the teaching of students. Goetze was not a member of the faculty - rather, he had served as the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds for seven years prior to his appointment of dean.[1] a A bench dedicated to his memory was erected outside of the Mathematics Hall in 1951 (when it was still the School of Engineering building).[2] Like so many other campus monuments, it was eventually moved, taking up residence in the late 2000s on the west side of Low Library, mirroring a similar marble exedra donated by the classes of 1886 already located on the east side of Low.

Preceded by
George F. Sever
Dean of SEAS 
1906 - 1917
Succeeded by
George B. Pegram