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George Krebs, CC '09 was the president of the CCSC, having defeated Alidad Damooei. Formerly, he was President of the CC 2009 Class Council.

Krebs is from Cambridge, MA, and majored in History. Appropriately, he considers his favorite book to be Transforming Leadership. Inappropriately, he appears to disdain Virginia Woolf. He is famous for his bear hugs and charisma.

CCSC Presidency

The 2009-08 year for CCSC saw more internal changes for the council. Under a proposal drafted by members of the council, Class Representatives were granted voting rights on the council, having been non-voting representatives beforehand. Krebs' administration also oversaw changes to the way CCSC co-sponsors student events, with money for recurring events given to governing boards instead of being requested by student groups directly.

Post-Columbia activities

Krebs is currently working at Square and previously worked under Julius Genachowski at the FCC.

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Preceded by
Michelle Diamond
President of the CCSC 
Succeeded by
Sue Yang