Glass House Rocks

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The brainchild of then-CCSC president Matthew Harrison (CC' 05), Glass House Rocks is a major party thrown in Lerner Hall that for one night transforms the building into a thriving student center. The four undergraduate student councils coordinate events with campus groups set up throughout the building, dance groups perform on the ramps every half hour, etc. People come for the free food and drinks too. All in all, it's actually a pretty damned good event.

The event was first held in the spring of 2005.[1]. Matt Harrison is said to be somewhat obsessed with Lerner Hall and making it function, reportedly having written his senior thesis on the building.

Annual Themes

The event each year is guided by an over-arching theme, which is created by the organizing committee. The theme is followed by the councils, but the student groups generally tend to ignore it.

Past Themes

  • 2010: Glass House Rocks and Rolls
  • 2009: The Time Machine