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GoCrossCampus (GXC) is a website that hosts team-based massively multiplayer games in order to encourage social interaction. It is the flagship product of GXStudios, which was founded by Isaac Silverman, CC '08, and four Yale students in 2007. GXC has been featured in major articles in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and TechCrunch as well as in a number of student and local newspapers.


GoCrossCampus is essentially a large-scale, online adaptation of the board game Risk.


The site's first tournament open to Columbia students pitted anyone with a columbia.edu email address against students from the other seven Ivies. It was a disaster, marred by frequent server downtime, widespread cheating, and possible algorithm problems. Obviously, it can't have been fair, otherwise Princeton would not have won. Columbia finished fourth, after a phoenix-like rebirth following one of the myriad game pauses.

Enthusiasm on campus for subsequent attempts to organize tournaments has been noticeably diminished.


GXStudios, the overarching corporate entity, was formed in 2007 and currently has official offices in New York City and New Haven, CT. Since its inception, the corporation has received over $1M dollars in venture capital and angel investment.

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