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Harlem Renaissance Project
Founded: ?
Recognition: Community Impact
Membership: ~20
Executive Board: ?
Category: Community Service
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Volunteers Jen Anderson BC '07 and Jessica Blakemore BC '07 with children in a Central Park playground

Harlem Restoration Project (or HRP) is a program in which student volunteers take children from Harlem on day trips around the city. There are two independent divisions, HRP 125 and HRP 119, which differ only in the areas the children must live in to participate.


HRP began as a project to renovate apartments on 125th and 119th streets. After the renovations were completed, the volunteers felt such an attachment to the residents of the apartments and wanted to continue their relationship with them, so the organization was converted into a free childcare program.


HRP meets at the sundial each Saturday morning (painfully early) during the semester and then proceeds to walk to Harlem to pick up the participating children. The day trips usually last around 2-3 hours, so you're back on campus by around 2 PM. All activities, transportation, and occasionally meals are provided to volunteers and participants for free. Activities include:

  • Bowling at Bowlmar Alley
  • Fishing in Central Park
  • Sony Wonder Museum


The idea is that the wholesome trips and upstanding young volunteers will be a good influence on the children and lead them to the path of the righteous and stuff.