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Henry Drisler CC 1839 was a classics professor at Columbia during the 19th Century, joining the faculty as a tutor in 1843, and spending the next 50 years teaching Latin and Greek. He served as acting President twice - in 1867 during a leave of absence by President Frederick A. P. Barnard, and again in 1888-1889 following Barnard's resignation due to failing health. When the trustees set about selecting Barnard's successor in October 1889, the choice came down to faculty member Drisler and trustee Seth Low. Low was elected by a margin of one vote.[1] Only a few months later, however, Drisler was elected the first Dean of the School of Arts in 1890, and held that position until 1894 when he announced his retirement. He was succeeded to the deanship by John Howard Van Amringe.

Preceded by
Dean of the School of Arts 
Succeeded by
John Howard Van Amringe

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  1. McCaughey, Robert, "Stand, Columbia." pg. 180 (2003). McCaughey goes on to suggest that the votes for Drisler were protest votes by trustees who felt the 39-yr-old Low was not qualified enough.