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Sometimes the iThief is thwarted: see "[a]nother I-phone recovered thanks to the NYPD / CU Public Safety"

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The iThief, or iBandit, is the person or persons responsible for selectively robbing Columbia students of their iconic Apple products. Thefts of iPhones are more or less a national phenomenon due to the popularity of the device and its high fencibility[1][2]. However, the iThief is a uniquely Columbian character, having gained notoriety in late 2011 by refusing to steal anything other than iPhones. He stopped several muggings, sometimes at gunpoint, upon learning that his potential victims carried cell phones from other companies[3].

The incidents took on additional drama due to Public Safety's clueless characterization of his loot as I-Phones, IPhones, I Phones, and I-phones (but never iPhones, until 2013).

The iThief has left no public clues about whether he is an Apple fanboy or hater. While he may simply have a strong aversion to Android phones, his actions could also be calculated to harm the market share of iOS. His moral code could result from either a craving for iPhones or a perception of Apple users as elitists who deserve to be mugged. His relationship with Segata Sanshiro (a Japanese man who similarly assaults Nintendo fans on behalf of Sega) is unclear.

The iThief was a minor character in the opening scene of V118. He is currently at large.

Aborted capers

Date Location Loot Notes
11/21/2011 Broadway & 114th n/a Demanded an iPhone; left when he was told there was no iPhone. [2]
11/12/2011 Broadway & 114th (brownstone lobby) n/a Gracefully returned two smartphones upon learning they were not iPhones, then left. [3]
10/25/2011 Broadway & 116th (inside Pinnacle) 15" Macbook Pro w/SSD Grabbed a laptop. Returned it to a student when caught, but reluctantly, as it was an Apple product. in comments

Greatest capers (incomplete list)

Date Location Loot Notes
01/15/2014 Morningside Dr. & 116th unspecified model iPhone & "$10.00 USC" [sic] Happened on the park steps, but to a non-affiliate of CU, so it's NBD really.
12/09/2013 Morningside Dr. & 120th unspecified model iPhone Asked someone for directions. When that person showed him directions on their iPhone, he snatched the device and ran.
11/19/2013 Riverside Dr. & 112th unspecified model iPhone Jumped out of the fucking bushes! [4]
10/25/2011 Broadway & 114th unspecified model iPhone With a partner, this time! [5]