The Corporate Core (118th Annual Varsity Show)

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The Corporate Core was the title of the 118th Annual Varsity Show, performed in 2012. It was directed by Alex Hare '13CC.


Unlike many previous years of the Varsity Show, the 118th annual show featured a cast comprised entirely of sophomores and first-years.



  • Patrick Aloia '15CC
  • Allie Carieri '15CC
  • Geoff Hahn '15CC
  • Gray Henry '14CC
  • Devin Lloyd '15CC
  • Kaylin Mahoney '15CC


The plot of The Corporate Core follows Phineas, a tour guide with the URC and general lover of the Core Curriculum. Phineas' love of the Core is quickly dampened when the Board of Trustees appoints Niamh O'Brien from CCE as the new director of the Core and orders her to transform it into a curriculum more equipped to earn students high-paying jobs. O'Brien unveils the "Corporate Core", which replaces all Core courses with ones aimed at getting ahead in business and landing a job in banking or consulting.

Phineas, dismayed at this change, rallys together a group of students known as "Alma's Army" to take on O'Brien, Dean Valentini, who has somehow become her subordinate, and Derek, trust-fund baby of one of Columbia's trustees. All the while, Phineas' best friend Lexi and new love interest Claire assist him in his endeavour, albeit somewhat unwillingly at times.

The plot culminates at the annual Career Fair, where Alma's Army confronts O'Brien and her cohort of business professionals.

Creative Team


V118 is considered by many to be the best Varsity Show in recent memory. But don't take our word for it. Watch it and read the reviews for yourself—or didn't the Core teach you anything?

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