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Juan Gonzalez CC '98 (originally part of the Class of 1968) is an activist and journalist at the New York Daily News. He is a frequent co-host with Amy Goodman on the radio program 'Democracy Now!'

As a Columbia College student in the 1960s he played a highly active role in his senior year as a representative on the strike committee for the 1968 protests.

In 1991, Gonzalez served as the Columbia College Class Day speaker, despite considerable controversy stemming both from his role in the protests and relative obscurity.[1] Despite the circulation of a formal petition by students opposing the choice, Gonzalez spoke at Class Day that year.

In 1998, thirty years after his last class at Columbia, Gonzalez received his BA from the college.

He majored in English and Comparative Literature and is listed as being on the listserv for the Latino Alumni Association (LAACU).

Preceded by
Ralph Ellison
Columbia College Class Day Speaker 
Succeeded by
Louis Harris


  1. As the Spectator noted, "every student asked to comment on the choice of Gonzalez, with the exception of Class of '91 President Karl Meyer, did not know who Gonzalez was." http://spectatorarchive.library.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/columbia?a=d&d=cs19910403-01.2.3&srpos=7&e=-------en-20--1--txt-IN-%22class+day%22+AND+speaker----